Penis Size – How Much Is Enough

Happy coupleA real woman doesn’t care whether your penis size is big or small; your size doesn’t matter if she loves you for who you are. You’ve probably heard this before. Whoever came up with this apparently was not small.

If you are small it can affect your self confidence, that is a given and hard to dismiss. The good news is, if you are small you have options that should take the worry out of your feelings of inadequacy. It is possible to increase your penis size. What is a small penis? The average length is between five and seven inches.

Average is not enough for many men, but for a number of men, average would be nice to have! So, if you are below average or even if you are above average and want more, it can be done. It can be embarrassing to have a small member, so male enhancement products are ever popular.

Is There Any Danger?

Beware, don’t risk your sexual health or function by carelessly attempting to increase the size of your penis. Whatever exercise technique, cream, or product you chose to use, be sure you do not damage any nerves or cause irreparable tissue trauma. Overnight results are not possible and you should avoid any advertisement that claims overly quick results. While it is possible to grow your penis it takes time to do it properly. These are your sexual organs so treat them right and you’ll be amply rewarded.

Some products are poorly made and may irritate your skin or cause it to swell. This is not growth that lasts. Even overly aggressive use of a good product can cause similar irritation and could lead to permanent harm. Use only products with a track record of positive results and use them strictly in accordance with the instructions. Take your time and you’ll have results. The less stress is involved, the happier you will be with the results.

How Big Is Big Enough?

Back to the opening statement for a moment, most women are more concerned with how you use what you’ve got, rather than whether it is long or short. That said, a small penis can detract from intercourse if it can not be maintained inside a vagina.

Measuring you size can be puzzling. A penis is an elastic organ so, where and how is it best to measure it? To get the length, try measuring several times and at progressive stages of erection. Your measurement should be from the same spot each time at the base of your penis to the tip. Also measure the girth (diameter). This you will measure while you have an erection in three places: at the base, halfway up the shaft, and at the base of the glans penis.

Historically, society has not always favored large penis size. The Ancient Greeks favored a smaller size as more desirable. A big penis was comical or even gross by their standard of beauty. It seems, over time we have come to associate a larger male member with virility and manliness. Confidence is a very desirable masculine trait to many women.

Getting To The Point

You may be surprised after taking measurements to find you are not as small as you imagined. Looking down on your penis foreshortens its appearance so it is perceived as smaller than it is. A survey taken of partners about their sexual perception and practice found that 55% of men thought they had a small penis while 85% of their partners were perfectly satisfied with the size of their penises.

I guess it is fair to say size means one thing to one person and another to someone else. We are fortunate today to have so many male enhancement products on the market to choose from. If a bigger and longer penis is what you want to improve your confidence and prowess and overcome a shortcoming in your life, you can do something about it.

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