Penis Enlargement Exercises That Really Work

surprised at the size of what she seesDo you dread that look of disappointment, even disbelief or amusement, when she gets her first glimpse of your penis? Does her outlook for an evening with a stud become an evening with a dud? There are ways to make your penis bigger and stronger, but is it possible to transform yourself from a zero to a hero using just pills and creams? They claim to work wonders, but what if they haven’t worked all that well for you…are you discouraged, feel hopeless, and in need of some help?

Well, take heart and consider a regime of penis enlargement exercises you can easily perform and are proven to work. You don’t have to be in super-fit condition to do these exercises, but you do need to choose a routine that is manageable and that you will stick to until you see results. While there are some who say that stretching exercises, especially those that use weights, are dangerous, you must treat this program as any other exercising program and that means some risk of injury. Be careful, do the exercises exactly as instructed, know your limits and don’t exceed them to minimize any danger of injury.

Some of the truly effective exercises that have been used for decades by men of all ages everywhere are Jelqing, Kegel, and weight-induced stretching. Let’s see how they work so you know what may be best for you.

Penis Enlargement Exercises: Jelqing Is The Oldest

Jelqing is a time-honored penis stretching exercise that has been proven to work. As with any muscle that is exercised properly, your penis muscles will respond to Jelqing by enlarging; your penis becomes longer and thicker. The technique itself has been described as “a milking motion” performed on your partially erect penis. When the erection has started to form, blood is flowing into your corpus covernosa to engorge the sponge-like tissues of the penis which expand making your penis larger. While this is happening you will place your thumb and forefinger around the base of the penis (make the thumb and forefinger like the “okay” sign, with the back of your hand towards your body) and push away from your body forcing more blood into the corpus covernosa. Done repeatedly, you will force more blood into the penis than it is used to having. This should be done once or twice every day to increase the length of your penis.

Prior to your Jelqing, use a hot compress on your penis, or do it in the shower. The introduced warmth will assist in obtaining your erection as warmth is the third of four phases of arousal. At this stage, your penile muscles relax and loosen enough to be expandable. An erection becomes hard from the blood engorgement; it is not a contraction you have to consciously hold such as a bicep flex. When you have this state and feel the onset of arousal is the time to perform Jelqing.

What’s a Kegel?

happy with the penile enlargement exercise programKegel is a slightly different form of exercise in that it addresses another set of muscles called the pubococcygeus muscles. These are located at the base of the penis and are common to men and women alike. The real advantage to working these muscles is in their ability to both delay and prolong an erection. Your intent here is to train the muscle and gain control of your performance. Doing Kegel and Jelqing is a good combination for gaining overall satisfaction for yourself and your partner. In other words, they help you get bigger longer.

With any of these exercises, take measurements before you begin the program and again each week to chart your progress. The gains will be slow but steady if you are faithful exercising. Remember, fast gains are temporary or dangerous, so take your time and be patient and you will be rewarded amply.

Clamping and Stretching

Clamping is another exercise for enlarging the penis. You will need a bit of equipment known as a penis ring or cock ring. Some improvise with a cable clamp and that is fine with a few cautionary notes. If you improvise or are shopping for proper penis ring, don’t use a metal ring as they are harder to remove and this can be dangerous as you will have trapped a large amount of blood flow. Basically, the process involves placing the clamp around the erect penis at the very base, and masturbating for long periods of time. The firmer your erection the better for this exercise.

If you use weights to stretch the penis, you will need to leave them in place pulling on the penis for long periods to be effective. Don’t be tempted to use too much weight thinking you will reduce the amount of time necessary to achieve results. You are more likely to injure yourself this way. Again, patience is a virtue here. Start with the smaller weights and work your way up. Don’t risk pulling a muscle or even damaging nerves.

The basic premise of stretching exercises is to extend the tissues to achieve lasting lengthening though the body’s natural response mechanisms, just as with any muscle-building program. Since penis stretching works, but the time spent with hanging weights can be uncomfortable and hamper anything else you might be doing, penis extender devices have mostly replaced this sort of exercise by offering all the benefits while being concealable and comfortable.

The Best Combination = Your Bigger Penis

Combining some Kegel and Jelqing exercises with a quality penis extending device will reduce the time needed to grow your penis, make it easier, and save you from the discomforts of crude methods. Don’t put yourself at risk. Use the correct exercises as prescribed and choose the best device to accelerate your progress.

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