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Penis Extender Comfort Technology – What Is The Latest?

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Penis extender technology has come a long way from the crude devices of yesteryear when wearing one meant hours of uncomfortable, even painful, endurance on the part of the user. The alternatives were potentially damaging surgeries leaving you worse off than when you started, or using ineffectual penis pumps that were more a source of comedy than a solution to anyone’s problem. The steady advancement of the technology involved, driven by demand, has brought penis extender devices out of its torturous past and into the … Continue reading the full article

What About The Natural Way To Male Enhancement

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Natural male enhancement is a rather unclear term, considering the numerous alleged “natural” improvements around. There are natural male enhancement items available on the market and normal “folk remedies” drifting about on the net. The only point that the term normally implies in this situation is that the searcher does not desire to take a risk with his valuable male member through surgical procedures, contrived gizmos, or standard health care medicines. It is a justifiable fear. Penile surgery is expensive and delivers no assurance of … Continue reading the full article

Easy Ways To Turn Erectile Dysfunction Around

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Just as you consciously maintain the health of your body’s fitness overall, it is vital to specifically maintain the health of your penis. Not doing so risks putting your sex life in jeopardy through erectile dysfunction or even impotence, while doing so can provide you with fantastic erections and more endurance to enjoy virtually unlimited sex and still be able to appreciate it. The pleasure you get from having a big healthy penis will be extra enjoyable knowing the deliberate effort was well worth the … Continue reading the full article

Natural Male Enhancement – Pipe Dream or Reality?


Having a short stubby penis makes it hard to believe the old adage that “size doesn’t matter.” After all, when your potential partners are disappointed on discovering your short-comings, it becomes hard to ignore and difficult to live with. Is it possible natural male enhancement products can help? If you are looking for an alternative to pharmaceuticals, you will be happy to hear the answer is yes for many of these products. While a healthy amount of skepticism is appropriate for many of the emails … Continue reading the full article

Penis Enlargement Exercises That Really Work

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Do you dread that look of disappointment, even disbelief or amusement, when she gets her first glimpse of your penis? Does her outlook for an evening with a stud become an evening with a dud? There are ways to make your penis bigger and stronger, but is it possible to transform yourself from a zero to a hero using just pills and creams? They claim to work wonders, but what if they haven’t worked all that well for you…are you discouraged, feel hopeless, and in … Continue reading the full article

Curved Penis – What Help Is Available?

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A curved penis can be mild or severe, and can happen at any stage of your life or be a result you have lived with from birth. While some think it must either happen as a birth defect or caused by some unfortunate injury, there are other reasons why some suffer from curvatures. Fact is, a penis curvature can happen when you are a teenager or even after you have advanced age; in other words, at any time in your life. A penile curvature is … Continue reading the full article

Penis Size – How Much Is Enough

penis size how much

A real woman doesn’t care whether your penis size is big or small; your size doesn’t matter if she loves you for who you are. You’ve probably heard this before. Whoever came up with this apparently was not small. If you are small it can affect your self confidence, that is a given and hard to dismiss. The good news is, if you are small you have options that should take the worry out of your feelings of inadequacy. It is possible to increase your … Continue reading the full article

Penis Enlargement Without Surgery?

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No doubt your computer’s Inbox is full of them from time to time…lots of emails promoting many variations of how to grow a bigger penis. If you are looking for penis enlargement that works, you’ve got to ask yourself, “Can these things actually deliver?” And the real answer is… “Yes, most of them.” And, of the ones that do, some are better than others. Whether one method or another is the right one for you is your decision, based on what you want, what you … Continue reading the full article

What To Expect With Penis Enlargement Surgery

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Because there are a number of options for Penis Enlargement Surgery you should be sure which is right for you. That is easier said than done, of course, until you take the time educate yourself about the different procedures. By learning all you can, you will be able to help your surgeon help you. A well-informed patient is easier for doctors to treat efficiently. If you are researching ways to enhance the length and girth of your penis, you no doubt see a lot of … Continue reading the full article